Lock User Guide
The application is a single-file executable. No installation is necessary.
Works with Windows XP and higher.
The Lock application is a simple password vault that stores a list of logins and passwords in an encrypted file. The only password that must be remembered is the master password that unlocks the encrypted file.
Please be careful when typing the master password because a lost master password cannot be recovered. Critical passwords like passwords for home banking software should never be kept in any sort of file or document.
Application Menu
Open... Use Open to open an existing file. Select the wanted file in the Open Lock File dialogue box. Lock will prompt for the master password to unlock the file.
New... Use New to create a new file and start adding passwords to the list. The new file name is written in the New Lock File dialog box. Lock will prompt for a password for the new file.
Change... Use Change to change the master password of the currently open file. Use Save to commit the new master password to the file.
Close Use Close to close the currently open file.
Save Use Save to save all changes in the currently open list.
Exit Use Exit to close the application.

Terms of Use